Inevitably as soon as a new edition hits the shelves, things start to change either from our own observations, or from those kindly supplied by other users, and also the historical information flowing from the recent publication of the enormous book: PAXOS & ANTI-PAXOS by Count Ludvig Salvator.

UPDATES to the 12th. EDITION 

Paths in general.

Firstly, let me admit that the Paxos Paths are not as well maintained as one would like! The wet winter/spring produces a lot of plant growth and this is compounded by the recent lack of any path clearing. 19b is the most notably blocked and although Geoff & Helen who live hereabouts have put in valiant service, organizing path clearing both here and elsewhere on the Island, they have not been able, yet, to clear this monster. 

Last winter saw a tornado sweep a path across the Paxos countryside, breaking off trees, taking off roofs, squashing cars etc. along a line running, oddly, almost due South/North, coming ashore near Kastanida and departing at Arkoudaki. As far as I know it has not affected any paths, though.

Further to this it has been suggested that, if some suitable tools could be made available, self-clearing to a degree might be acceptable to some of my customers. So the general idea as expressed above, is being adopted and the Mayor has some tools to lend. Nevertheless my suggestion is that all WALKING visitors bring a pair of secateurs.

However, with the end of the 2013 season, I am pleased to be able to say that some other path-clearing initiatives are pending and the benifits will, hopefully, be there for 2014.

Walking backwards or forwards?

In general the direction for walking the paths as shown on the Map by the arrows, is that which we have found the easiest. To a few paths there are notes appended for a reverse walk. In some cases, such as FPs.4,6a,24a,25b,26,29b,32,33a,44,45 it would be very difficult to find the reverse route, at least until you have thoroughly familiarized yourself in the arrow direction first.



Now as to particular paths,

As I have now started issuing separate UPDATE SHEETS in sets, anything formerly written here will be outdated and possible misleading or even dangerous. So all is now withdrawn as far as the website is concerned.

Booklet: Apart from a few spelling mistakes, in particular mis-spelling Lear as though he was the first wife of Jacob (!) I continue to find silly mistakes which proof-reading should have dispersed.

Page 8. The footnote reference at the end of the first paragraph under Where to stay is 7 but should, of course, be G

Page 8 et seq.

I have rather neglected Sunvil in the list of Where to stay. This is rather a pity as their website contains a very good 'plug' for my Map. They are, of course, associated with Villa Collection G.I.C. but have a website of their own. www.sunvil.co.uk Their address is the same as G.I.C. and they share the same Agency and offices on Paxos. They seem to cater for smaller parties and have currently, some 12 villas or apartments listed. Associated as they are, they will be a totally reliable


Page 9 Paragraph 10

Thalassa Travel have opened a new website: www.paxos-thalassatravel.com

Page 10 Paragraph 12

Routsis Holidays email address has been altered to

<info@routsis-holidays.com>or <info@paxos-studios.gr> Their web address remains as before.

Page 10 Paragraph 14

Spirit of Greece have cased trading.

Page 65/66 The picture of the connection of Footpath 34 with the main road in Magazia has been included twice. Look at whichever you like and ignore the other!

Page79 second line should read the wider bit of the FP46d track.

Page 106 Gazetteer of Churches. The l.h. column heading is, of course, Grid Ref but the first word has strayed onto the wrong line.

Page 107 et seq. Lear should be spelt thus; please accept apologies for my erroneous variations.

Page 110 Index of Settlements. Lekatika has crept in twice! On the next page, Romanatika has been left out. It is in Grid Square D4, and is involved in FP24 on p.50/51


The Map has come from the Printers folded not at all the way I intended. For ease of use, can I suggest you open it out, refold backwards along the horizontal centre-line, so that it becomes, in effect, a back-to-back half-sheet map. Re-fold the concertina then, with the Cartouche outwards, then fold back again. I think you will find it much more convenient when using it in the field and it will still fit into its pocket. There is also a printer's issue with the Scale.


HISTORIC HOUSES, I/we* have been researching the various grand houses pictured in Salvators book, this effort has now been published as a BOOK which might be considered an essential companion to Salvator's tome. It is called "Salvator Located" and is ava\ilable from my for £20 inc. postage.         

* Apart from my wife Elizabeth, on some of these searches I have been accompanied and assisted by

            Dianne Parker who, as a Paxos resident, and with a bit of Greek, has been a great help

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