Peter Greave's list of Windmills is as follows:

1.  Ypapanti aka Kastanida

2.  Loggos Kouares

3.  Loggos Anemoyianni the last to operate in 1905

4.  Koutsi

5.  Haralambos

6.  Lessiantis c1780 (+1 or 2 further south?). Now a scheduled monument.

7.  St Nicholas aka pre 1818 as Kouvalias. (On the Island opposite Gaios)

8.  Papa Sakiatis (where?? I believe near Gaios

9  Vellianitis c1700 in Lakka

By 1885 only 7 were still working and four of them were operating on horsepower. There are alleged to have been 16 windmills on the Island.

Once again, Salvator's book has contributed by supplying information of far more windmills than I (or Peter) formerly knew of. Some were ruins, even in his day 1884-5, and others had deminished to 'sites of'.

Interestingly, he talks also, of Watermills! I have gone into this in detail in the Booklet.

MINING. Also in earlier editions of the Booklet, I located, on FP46c, a mine/quarry where fine quality building stone was extracted. It seems, per Salvator, that this was a much more intensive and widespread industry on both Paxos and Anti-Paxos than I had realised. Again you can find more about this in the new edition Booklet with the known sites marked on the Map.

Text Box:    Remains of an upper-floor in the little mill behind  Lessiantis.  Text Box:    Interior of the Koutsi Mill. Again notice the  recesses the cross-beams would have occupied.
Text Box:    Interior of the Lessiantis Mill. Note spiral stair for access to  the cap & other floors; the slots for holding-down timbers &  the recesses for the cross-beams.  Text Box:    A ruined windmill – possibly tapered – on  FP53 Kutsimatika.
Text Box:    Windmill above Ypapanti Cove  Text Box:    The remains of what may be a small windmill, off FP37  Vlachopoulatika.
Text Box:    The Koutsi Mill – definitely a straight-sided ‘drum’.  Text Box:    The outermost Windmill on Loggos headland.  Definately drum-shaped.
Text Box:    Windmills on the coast above Loggos.  The inner one is hidden among the foliage.  Text Box:    A modern faux windmill dwelling.
Text Box:    A drawing of windmills in serious decay. I doubt whether 3 in a row  ever existed on Paxos but their sad decay does, incidentally, show  their construction quite well! Interestingly, these are shown tapering.   

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