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Revised 3rd December 2018 - It's happened again! Someone has sent me a Map Order, presumably for a set of Update Sheets, without giving me their address! All I have is a Greenford/Windsor postmark.

Strike the concertina's melancholy string!

Blow the spirit-stirring harp like anything!

     Let the piano's martial blast

     Rouse the echoes of the past,

For the long-awaited 12th. EDITION 's out at last!


With apologies to 'BAB' (W.S.Gilbert)


It is now 5+ years since I wrote that but, as a bit of fun, I feel inclined to leave it there for a bit longer: anyone any objections?


By the end of the 2018 season about 5,000 of the 6,000 copies I had printed in the winter of 2011/12, have been sold.

2018 sales seem to be running remarkable similarly to last year, which, in the current circumstances, inaugers well and it seems many people still flock to Paxos, notwithstanding what the Greek Government do - or don't do! Paxos seems to have it's own little bubble isolated from what goes on in Athens. Quite strange, when you think about it because it has so little real independence from it's mother country, unlike here in the Isle of Man with our own Government, Laws, etc.

We witnessed the same, dream-like isolation during our 5 week stay this September/October but a kind of miasma has always seemed to overtake one when there. The Manx with their "To-morrow-will-do", attitude, have nothing on the Paxiots!

On this issue, our friend Chris Griffiths of Trasvel a La Carte, www.travelalacarte.co.uk writes as follows;


"Greece has been attracting some adverse news coverage in recent weeks.  The migrant crisis has put some parts of the country under serious strain, in particular the islands of the eastern Aegean and areas in the north next to the border with Macedonia. NATO ships are patrolling the sea between the eastern Aegean islands and the Turkish coast and the first repatriations to Turkey have started from Lesbos.  Greece, you might think, is not really a good holiday destination for this year.

You couldn’t be more mistaken!  What the news stories don’t show is just how many parts of Greece are entirely unaffected by the humanitarian crisis.  This is particularly true of the Ionian Islands, which lie to the west of the Greek mainland, at the opposite end of the country from both Turkey and Macedonia.

Here, island life is more like what is being shown on another television show – The Durrells – than on the news.  Islands like Corfu and nearby Paxos, and Kefalonia further south, may have changed a bit since the Durrells were there but in essence they remain the same welcoming, peaceful, relaxing holiday paradises they were seventy or more years ago.  So perhaps this is the year you should find this out for yourselves – or, if you have been before, rediscover their delights for a second or third time! "

Back to business!

Whilst I keep the Master Copy of the Map regularly updated and I may be capable of the minor updating which will be needed in the Booklet, I very much doubt I will (assuming I'm still here!) have the stamina then to publish and distribute another Edition. So I shall have to find someone else to step into the gap.


My decision to defeat the out-dating effect, by launching a set of 10 Update Sheets, seems to be popular and even though I in future will have to charge £20.00 for the whole 'package' nearly every customers goes for it.. To print and sell a new, revised, whole-sheet, Map would be frighteningly expansive - in the order of £30+ per copy. There are 9 sheets of maps covering the main and Anti-Paxos Islands. Those who already have the 12th. Edition can buy the Update Sheets seperately for £10.00 (this is costly because, unlike the first offer, it involves a seperate postage charge) On the back of each Sheet, I will list any changes to the Footpaths of which I am aware*. Resulting from a user's request, I have also set-out some 'walks' combining footpaths to make a suitable round-walk. There is also a Key map to show how the sheets align.


Here I have to thank those many users who have provided me with feedback which I can add to what limited exploration I can still manage. These small sheets might be handier to use when walking? They will come with a see-through plastic wallet for use when walking,  A5 size.


Secondly, I have finished my Book titled SALVATOR LOCATED in which I have attempted to unravel the walks Archduke Ludwig Salvator made all over the Island in the 1880s with modern-day photographs of (nearly) all the buildings he sketched. Included are Maps showing his routes and identifying - I hope - the placenames he recorded.

Because of the many photos, sketches and maps/diagrams and the small print-run (I appreciate that it will ony have a somewhat 'specialized' audience) it has cost a lot to print. It is available from me for £24.00 or €32 including postage and will also be in the Gaios Bookshop.


Thirdly, I have also finished my other, and much longer, book: "SAILING TO PAXOS & thereafter" about how I came to visit Paxos in the first place - happenstance - and to relate some of the things which have happened since - some comic and a few sad. This is now available from the Gaios Bookshop (along the street with the Fish Slabs) At Thalassa Travel in Loggos nd from Amazon for about £12 - search Amazon for 'Ian K Bleasdale'. Unfortunately, unless bought from me, these wont include the Update Sheets.

(You may also find out-of-date copies of my Map on Amazon at rediculous prices -surely it can't have any 'antique' value?)


As to Orders, they continue to flow in by mail, with a few from America, many from the EU and one from as far away as Tasmania. Sales on Paxos itself have continued too. There I had been greatly aided by my friend Alan & his wife Dianne*, who had freely taken over the local stocking and delivery (& collecting the money!) Alan's sad, recent death, has brought this to an end and the 'Stock' is now being stored by Lefcothia at Thalassa Travel.. Most Villa Agencies on the Island stock them - again minus Update Sheets though.


The website is one thing - the Booklet is another!

At the start I tried to make the former comprehensive by listing LINKS to Air-Lines, Villa Agencies, Ferry Companies etc. but keeping these real and up-to-date proved too much for me then and are seriously outdated now.

One has only to look at the web to see that there are numerous agencies opening-up from all angles and making things worse by offering the same villas but sometimes under different names. 

In the last few years I have discovered a few PRIVATE OWNERS who are prepared to let directly at reasonable prices, particularly outside the July/August peak season. Feel free to contact me for details.

(I also know a  Paxiot BUILDER, should anyone want to build/alter a villa and I have inspected a sample of his work and the quality really is excellent.)

The agencies go to great lenghts to list the wonderful features which their villas promise; they don't though, list the drawbacks. For instance, a really modern, well fitted-out villa may suffer from the most appalling access - they never admit that! Also it might be next door to some business use which could be distrubing. There are small drawbacks to almost all of them and, as we have tried so many villas and apartments over the years, we may have some information to offer. I don't mean to necessarily put you off from a particular booking, but at least you will arrived forwarned.


I have contrved an alphabetical List of Villas/Agent/Grid Square and anyone is welcome to a copy. It does not include those generally within the villages.


Airlines are so easily found by web-searching, that it would only confuse things were I to try and list them. All I will say is that 1) There are no Scheduled Flights to Corfu (sometimes listed as Kerkira or even Kapodistria) as it is not rated as an International Airport, so all flights are Charter ones. 2) They are available from many UK Airports but Gatwick and Manchester are the most frequent and often cheaper. (Heathrow has now joined-in: BA I believe) Beware though, that they only operate May to October. 3) If you want to get there outside the season you will have to fly via Athens, Thessaloniki (which is now probably more accessible by road than Athens) or travel by ferry from Italy.

Flights were traditionally always on Mondays but in recent years there are a few on nearly every day (and the Monday crush in Corfu Airport which can be horrendous, is thus avoided). Beware, if booking your own flight, that you get one timed to arrive in Corfu no later than mid-day, otherwise you will miss the ferry and there is not always one in the evening. (Some Agencies, particularly G.I.C., charter their own ferry to suit their client's flights.) Allow at least an hour at Corfu Airport on Mondays, waiting for your luggage.

Should your flight be delayed, or if the sea is too rough for the ferries to sail - and it is, sometimes - the Atlantis Hotel is right by the Ferry Terminal and is well used to accommodating stranded Paxos clients. We now plan our journey so as to purposely stay there for one night. It is cheaper than staying at Gatwick and the view from a balconied room, quiet pleasant.


If you book a package from those Agencies which let their villas; all is simpler and they will sort out both flights to Corfu and ferries thereon to Paxos; even taxis from Corfu Airport to the Ferry Quay. Otherwise the Taxi Rank is right utside to the left of where the 'busses stand. 

Ferry times are very difficult to forecast accurately as they don't publish timetables until about mid April for the season ahead. Some of the Villa Agents I list in the Booklet will book ferries for you, even if you are not using their villas. Paxos Magic, Routsis, Travel a la Carte, Paxos Blue Waves, Thalassa Travel and Planos, spring to mind.


You will generally - excepting Special Offers - usually save money by booking your own flights plus transfers as above. The same appies to car-hire and, if you a staying near Lakka, if you hire a car through Planos or Routsis, you will get free parking in their village car-parks! (Finding a parking space in the villages in high season, is quite a problem.) Don't, by the way, worry about boat-hire. To book one in advance is false economy, wait to hear the weather forecast (ask around) and then book one the evening before you need it.


There are 5 types of ferry, most, though not all, of which leave from what is called The New Port in Corfu Town.

There are the Vehicle Ferries, large vessels, able to sail in almost all weather conditions, which, though primarily vehicle carriers, do take passengers too. They are relatively slow, take longer because of going via Igourmenitzia on the Greek mainland, but are spacious, comfortable and, to my mind, become part of the holiday.

Secondly, the high-speed hydrofoil ferries which normally have an early morning trip Corfu/Gaios/Corfu and another sailing about 14.00 Corfu/Gaios. Sometimes there may be an early evening one Corfu/Gaios about 19.00 but in the absence of the Timetables, cannot be relied upon.

Text Box:

They have the advantage of being quick and therefore suit those who don't get pleasure from being on the water. I find them claustrophobic.

Thirdly there is a new, locally owned, high-speed launch, the Despina which is nearly as fast. Another new high-speed vessel is runing with the Despina.

Forthly there are occasionally, what I call proper ships, the Zanado, is one, which, as a change from taking sight-seeing trips, sail as Ferries to Gaios; sometimes from elsewhere (such as Kavos). I find them VERY enjoyable! .


The 5th. means of access of are the Sea-Taxis; fast but expensive (unless you can fill one with friends & relations?)They may sail from Corfu Town but not exclusively so, sometimes using other ports on the Island. On Paxos too, they go not just to Gaios, but also to Lakka and/or Loggos, which can be convenient. They are exciting and fun!

A Sea-Plane ran an air service for a few years but has not flown since 2010. It was very quick and popular but flew from a somewhat in-accessible site in Corfu.


One or two Agencies use a totally different method of getting their clients from the UK to Paxos. They fly them to Prevasa on the Greek mainland (usually from Stanstead, I think) and then 'bus them to Parga where similar ferries sail daily to Paxos in the season.


The BOOKLET has comprehensive information on History, Landscape, How to get there, Text Box:

Where to stay, Where to shop, Where to eat, How to get about, Driving, Places of Interest and, of course, Footpaths, Geology & Churches. I see no point in further trying to duplicate it here.


One small matter which Elizabeth reminds me about, is the need to have a TORCH if you visit in the Autumn. There are no streetlights, of course, around the country villas, and walking back from the Tavernas in the dark can be tricky when in competition with car drivers on narrow lanes. High-visibility clothing or at least arm-bands, might be worthwhile too. Setting-off for the 7am. Ferry in pitch darkness, is also much improved by a torch!

Another warning from Elizabeth, relates to the unwary wearing of high-heel shoes. A cousin of mine came to stay with us once in Lakka and because it was for a fortnight, she brought 14 smart dresses and 14 pairs of shoes with her, mostly with high heels! To my mind that is a bit over-the-top for Paxos! Very soon she had tripped on some uneven steps, traversing from Villa to town for the evening in her high-heels, fallen, and had a bad back for the rest of the holiday! Pavements ARE uneven and lighting not always good, with unexpected steps and gratings; so beware ladies!

Medical services are not, locally, all that you may need thereafter and Ioannia Hospital is an awful long way away.

Having said that, the Clinic at Bogdanatika is open mornings & evenings and there is a Dr. on call 24/7. It gives excellent service within it's limitations and the charges are surprisingly moderate.


A few, more esoteric matters, may be considered in the OTHER INTEREST pages.

The where to buy page needs to be consulted next.







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