Where to Buy

Firstly beware of pirated copies of the Map(only) being sold in shops on the Island, particularly the Gaios Newspaper Shop, also stalls on the Quay in Loggos. They are all copies of out-of-date editions and do not include the,  all important, Guidebook! (Or, of course, the UPDATES)

As I forecast, I am having to put the price of the "Whole  Bundle" up to £20.00 from the end of this month (December 2018)

As I have mentioned in the Home page, this will include a set of up-dated A4 sheets covering the whole Island (just!) which take account of all known amendments to the Map, Villa Names etc. + re-drawn contours to get rid of the brown lines. These come with a see-through wallet to use them in, which will be handier to use whilst out exploring. I have just finished revising them all (03/12/18). 

Altenately, if you already have the Edition 12 Booklet (and I would like some proof that you really have, a snip of the corner of a page perhaps?) I can send the Revised Map Set seperately for £ 10.00 inc. postage.

The easy way to buy is to send me a cheque (or a Postal Order) made out to Ian K. Bleasdale  to:

Ian & Elizabeth Bleasdale, Glebe Cottage, Church Road, MAUGHOLD, Isle of Man,  IM7 1AS  British Isles (or GB)

Along, of course, with your address as well. It would be helpful if you could mark the envelope in the top l.h. corner PAXOS MAP  please. This is particulalry important when I am away from home, be it in Paxos or elsewhere, as the Assistant who remains to deal with orders will not open letters which appear to be personal. I MUST STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS and also LETTING ME HAVE YOUR ADDRESS. I am not psychic and without your address, I'm stuck; despite what some seem to think! 

If you have an email address, it would be helpful if you would attach that as well, in case I have to query anything.  

 Postage to Ireland & the EU remains at around £ 6.00 so I will have to charge 25 Euros for the total package. If you are in the EU and want to take advantage of that price, please email me first, as I have discovered a simple method of payment.
Postage  costs to other parts of the World can be obtained from me. I DO NOT do Bank Transfers or use PayPal etc

The Full-Sheet Map + Booklet (but NOT the Update Sheets) can also be bought on Paxos from any of the outlets below: (in alphabetical order).  

CV Travel, just in from the South Quay, Gaios  in an office shared with Gaios Travel

Greek Islands Club Now renamed Villa Collections GIC, at their office in Loggos or the Agency behind the Newspaper Kiosk in Gaios

Paxos Blue Waves Office on the Quay in Lakka.

Paxos Thalassa Travel  in Loggos. 

Paxos Beach Hotel, Coast Road South, Gaios

Planos Holidays also PAXOS ISLAND HOLIDAYS in the bus-stop square in Lakka.

Routsis Holidays Also Lakka based, office behind the Children's Playground.

Travel a la Carte, aka Chris Griffiths, Gaios.

The Info-Tech Book shop in Gaios, down the 'Fish-Slabs' street beyond the Bakery.

In England, The Map Shop in Upton-upon-Severn also has a stock.

The above will be useful if you forget to order beforehand from me or you only realize a map is necessary when you get there!  These stockists (apart from the last) are not generally available out of season, nor do they have the Update Sheets.

Due to quaint Greek tradition, not all stockists who operate from shops or offices are able to sell books. They will charge you the full price for just the Map and then give you the Booklet free.

This is not inapropiate as it costs me far more in time and effort to survey and draw the Map than it does to write the Booklet.







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